City of Trieste, Biennale Venezia, Freiburg Festival

Digital product design

Museion, University of Bolzano, Triennale Milano

Exhibition design

Pinakothek der Moderne, Architecture Foundation South Tyrol


HGV, Historic South Tyrol, Gretl am See, Tirol Werbung

Moving identity

Inn Situ, Triennale Milano, Innsbruck International

Spaces and wayfinding

Music School Brixen, Hofburg, Museion

Identity design

for Corporations, Architects and Artists

Tech and innovation

Design Friction Lab, Microtec, DIYR, ewo

Food and beverage

for vine makers, organic farmers, hotels and restaurants

Fashion and luxury

Louis Vuitton, Lottozero, Moving on Stone

At Studio Mut, we believe in brave choices. We define your brand secret and build lasting impressions. To start a new project, contact martin@studiomut.com

Studio Mut ist ein Grafikdesign-Studio in Bozen, Südtirol. Wir gestalten visuelle Identitäten und digitale Plattformen und beraten Kunden aus Kunst, Kultur und Wirtschaft. Unsere Projekte lösen Probleme, mit reduzierter aber schlagkräftiger Ästhetik. Man sagt, unsere Arbeiten seien spielerisch und gleichzeitig ernsthaft. Dieses Gleichgewicht gilt es zu halten. Kontakt

Studio Mut è uno studio di graphic design a Bolzano, specializzato in identità visiva e web design. Per arte, cultura e commercio, creiamo soluzioni semplici e audaci con un’estetica espressiva. Dicono che i nostri progetti siano spiritosi e seri allo stesso tempo – un equilibrio insolito, che cerchiamo di mantenere. Contatto

Studio Mut is a graphic design studio based in Bolzano, Italy. We specialise in visual identity and digital platforms and are consulting clients in art, culture and commerce. We seek for simple and powerful ideas and bold aesthetics. Our work has been described as both playful and serious, and we strive to keep the balance. Contact

Cultural echoes embodied in bricks and mortar.

Visual Identity for Culture

Complex visual identity systems, communication strategy, editorial design, animation, way-finding, festival and event communication. Collaborations with Triennale Milano, Museion, Innsbruck International Biennial, Victoria & Albert Museum, Pinakothek der Moderne and more.

Innsbruck International reviewed by Richard Baird

Thomas Kronbichler starts teaching Visual Communication at University of Bolzano

Anni Seligmann is appointed to the board of Foto Forum, Bolzano

Studio Mut invited to exhibit at Pentagram exhibition, New York City

Visual Direction and Design Consulting

Anni, Martin and Thomas are renowned design leaders with extensive networks, offering strategic guidance and aesthetic vision for your institution or business. Curating exhibitions, leading creative workshops and guiding design transformation.

Digital Product Design

Conceptualizing, designing, and developing websites, apps and digital communication platforms. For cultural and educational institutions, design and architecture firms, tourism organisations, start-ups, and others.

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Martin Kerschbaumer

Martin Kerschbaumer is a designer and founding partner of Studio Mut. He studied product design in Florence and graphic design in Bolzano and Lisbon. He has taught design 101 at the Faculty of Design and Art at University of Bolzano and has been a visiting professor in various master's programmes in Italy. He is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). martin@studiomut.com

Anni Seligmann

Anni Seligmann is a designer and partner at Studio Mut. After studying Communication Design in Germany, she relocated to New York City to work for clients such as OMA, Lincoln Center Theater, and Brooklyn Public Library. She joined Studio Mut in 2019 and has since been essential in shaping projects for Museion, Inn Situ, Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, and Louis Vuitton. anni@studiomut.com

Thomas Kronbichler

Thomas Kronbichler is a designer and a founding partner of Studio Mut. He shares his passion for design through lectures and workshops from London to Lima and has taught design master classes in Milan and Sicily. He currently teaches Visual Communication at University of Bolzano. He is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). thomas@studiomut.com

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Studio Mut on the road

Latin American Design Festival

Lima, Peru

Forward Festival

Vienna, Austria

Summer School

Sicily, Italy

Creative Paper Conference

Munich, Germany

100 Beste Poster Jury

Berlin, Germany

AGI Open 2022, organized by Studio Mut

Trieste, Italy

Design Museum exhibition


Typographische Gesellschaft

München, Germany

European Parliament

Strasbourg, France

Graphic Days workshop

Torino, Italy

Weltformat Festival

Lucerne, Switzerland

Studio Mut, based in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy), is a premier graphic design studio specialising in visual identity, digital product design, and visual direction. Led by Thomas Kronbichler, Martin Kerschbaumer, and Anni Seligmann, our team of six designers creates outstanding projects through long-term collaborations. We are a multilingual team fluent in German, Italian, and English. To learn more about us, get in touch.

Studio Mut is 🐎 Martin Kerschbaumer, Founder 🐆 Anni Seligmann, Partner ✨ Thomas Kronbichler, Founder 🏔 Noah Urech, Designer 📚 Riccardo Pantanali, Designer 🚁 Chiara Chiavazza, Designer

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